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Better-For-You Ingredients

Welcome to Sweet Sassy Molassey Bakeshop! We specialize in handcrafted, satisfying and delectable freshly baked goods made with unrefined nutrient rich ingredients. We care deeply about the ingredients we use in our baked goods: we have searched far and wide for the most nutritious, sustainable, and premium ingredients to create  all your traditional favorites, guaranteed to be delicious, with better-for-you ingredients. There are no short cuts taken. Take a look at our Baked Goods and place orders through our Online Ordering or find us under Locations!

Our Promise: Better-For-You Ingredients

Only Organic Ingredients

Only Fair Trade Chocolate

Non-GMO, No Artificial Ingredients, No Trans Fats

Slow Absorbing Whole Grain Flours

Low Glycemic Unrefined Sugars

Guaranteed To Be Delicious!

Oh Snap Ginger Snaps

Oh Snap Ginger Snaps.JPG
Oh Snap Ginger Snaps.JPG

Oh Snap Ginger Snaps

from 14.95

Offered by the half-dozen and dozen, baked fresh to order.

These bursting with flavor cookies are loaded with fresh ginger and spices and will make you say "Oh Snap!" with delight. We use only the finest, better-for-you ingredients including iron rich molasses and anti-inflammatory fresh ginger to ensure premium flavor and wholesome goodness in each bite.

These cookies are generously sized and have a soft chewy texture.

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Better-for-you ingredients: We use only organic ingredients, whole grain flours, unrefined sugars and fair trade chocolate in our recipes. No GMOs, No Artificial Ingredients, No Trans Fats whatsoever.

Better-for-you ingredients