Sweet Sassy Molassey Bakeshop

Better-For-You Ingredients

Welcome to Sweet Sassy Molassey Bakeshop! We specialize in handcrafted, satisfying and delectable freshly baked goods made with unrefined nutrient rich ingredients. We care deeply about the ingredients we use in our baked goods: we have searched far and wide for the most nutritious, sustainable, and premium ingredients to create  all your traditional favorites, guaranteed to be delicious, with better-for-you ingredients. There are no short cuts taken. Take a look at our Baked Goods and place orders through our Online Ordering or find us under Locations!

Our Promise: Better-For-You Ingredients

Only Organic Ingredients

Only Fair Trade Chocolate

Non-GMO, No Artificial Ingredients, No Trans Fats

Slow Absorbing Whole Grain Flours

Low Glycemic Unrefined Sugars

Guaranteed To Be Delicious!

Whole Grain Sampling Day is April 1st!

At Sweet Sassy Molassey Bakeshop, we pride ourselves on using ONLY organic whole grains in our recipes. Why you may ask? Because they are better-for-you.

Once again, we are extremely happy to be partnering with Whole Grains Council in celebration of Whole Grain Sampling Day which will be taking place on April 1st. Leading up to the day, we will be posting about the benefits of eating whole grains and we will be offering a SPECIAL promotion that you won't want to miss. Please stay tuned!

Better-for-you ingredients